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The Februari Festival, held this year from Wednesday 13 until Sunday 17 February, intends to broaden and heighten listeners’ experience of classical music. The aim of the festival is to appeal to a new audience, while offering a programme that will be equally enjoyed by connoisseurs of classical music. The festival wants to demonstrate how alive and inspiring classical music is today. The concerts will be given by established musicians and young, talented performers.

Each edition will shine a spotlight on a composer or a theme in the history of music. The next edition will focus on composer Johannes Brahms. This year’s Februari Festival will therefore be given the subordinate title ‘Conservative or ahead of his time’.

Brahms is one of the best-loved composers, but he is often presented as a caricature: he was considered to be grumpy and blunt, he was a misogynist, he lacked a sense of humour and he was rather conservative, musically speaking. The Februari Festival aims to make some adjustments to this preconception. Was Brahms really so conservative? Or was he actually ahead of his time? The great ‘innovator’ Arnold Schönberg, and who could judge this better than any other, pleaded for the latter. The festival will also examine the man behind Johannes Brahms. After all, behind his grumpy scowl and piercing glare you will find a man with a great sense of humour and a vast circle of close friends.

Each concert will be presented by musicologist and publicist Huib Ramaer, who will be providing a brief introduction to the works and placing them within their cultural and historical framework. This will enable the audience to gain a more complete insight into the composer, his or her era and the relevant performance practice. Lectures and films will also contribute to the goals of the Februari Festival.

The main festival venue will be the Nieuwe Kerk, the primary concert stage for chamber music in The Hague. Additionally, films and lectures will be presented in ‘het Nutshuis’.

The Februari Festival takes place each year in the third week February.


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